About Rui Du

  Quality Commitment

  Pre-sales service commitment

  Cooperate with buyer actively to discuss and design the project and provide all the needed Chinese and English technical materials and drawing sheet for buyer. Be obligated to invite buyer to join our company’s technical and designing examination.

  Guarantee on-time delivery. If failure in on-time delivery or providing service happens (except for force majeure), seller will undertake the due obligations.

  Provide on-site technical service as requested and guide buyer to install, test run and check and accept according to our company’s technical materials and drawing sheet.

  As for the corollary equipment related to the contracted equipment purchased by buyer, our company will provide the technical condition and materials that can satisfy the interface requirement of the equipment.

  Execute strictly the signed agreements and summary of meetings held by two sides for related matters.

  After-sales commitment

  Hold training courses regarding equipment’s installation, testing, usage and maintenance skills for buyer as needed.

  Implement the service concepts of “24-hour service” “upgrading service” “whole-process service” and “lifetime service” in the whole process of the manufacture, installation, testing and maintenance of the product.