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RDQH-60 RDQH-60 SF6 Gas Refilling and Recovery Device

RDQH-60 RDQH-60 SF6 Gas Refilling and Recovery Device



Product introduction

 RDQH-60 RDQH-60 SF6 Gas Refilling and Recovery Device


   Product Introduction

  SF6 Gas Recovery Unit is an essential equipment for reclaiming and treatment of SF6 gas in the manufacture, installations and maintenance of SF6 electrical apparatus.

  RDQH-60/60/350 SF6 Gas Recovery Unit is developed by our Institute according to standard JB/DQ2588-90 of the Ministry of Electro-Machano Industry and DL/T 662-2009《specification for SF6 gas refilling and recovery device. Other than the essential functions of evacuation, gas refilling and reclaiming and storage. It provides the following features as well:

  •    With the adoption of the international advanced liquefied refrigeration theory in the design, the working pressure in the system is reduced, while the actual efficiency of reclaiming is enhanced.
  •    With the provision of a self regenerative dry-type filter, the water content after primary reclaiming is less than 40 PPM by volume.
  •    It is capable of filling liquefied SF6 gas into the steel cylinder.
  •    The operation is simple and clear as the flow chart is drawn on the faceplate.
  •    The 3-phases power main in the electric system is self affirmed and adjusted.
  •    The whole device is to be air cooled and mobile, thus it can be operated at any site lack of water.
  •    It has a compact configuration.
  •    It’s sound level is bellow 75db(A) and a weight of less than 890Kg.


  1.Performance Data of the Device

Type Liquefied Refrigeration,Air Cooled, Mobile Type
Ambient Temperature -10℃~40℃
Reclaiming Initial Pressure(MPa) 0.8
Final Pressure(kPa) ≤53
Time Required for 1m3(h/m3) ≤0.45
refilling Initial Pressure(Pa) ≤133
Final Pressure(MPa) 0.7
Time Required for 1m3(h/m3) ≤0.15
Evacuating Times from 0.1MPa~113Pa(h/m3) ≤0.25
Limited Degree of Vacuum(Pa) ≤10
Vacuum Preservation (Pa/24 hours) ≤400
Annual Leakage Rate ≤0.5%
Purity of Reclaimed
SF6 Gas
Water content(PPM/V) ≤40
Oil(PPM/W) ≤10
Mode of Storage Liquid State
Pressure(MPa) 3.9
Volume(L) 300+50
Stored Liquied Quantity(kg) 300+50
Mode of Liquefaction Refrigeration Liquefaction
Mode of Vaporization Electric Heating
Type of Dry-type filter Regeneration Vacuum-Heating
Power Supply 380V, 50Hz
Overall Power Consumption(kW) ≤9
Sound Level dB(A) ≤75
Outside Dimension(mm) 1600×900×1600
Weight of the Device(kg) ≤890

  ** The pipe diameter is DN20 and length is 5m.

  *** Indicating the water content of gas with primary filtering and drying when water content of air source is 1000PPM/V.

  2.Performance Data of Main the Components

SF6 Compressor Type   Lub. Piston,Semi-hermetic
 Theoretical Displacement m3/h 17
Max. Discharge Pressure MPa 2.50
Allowable Discharge Pressure MPa 1.96
Min. Allowable Suction pressure kPa 60
Max. Allowable Suction pressure MPa 0.30
Max. Discharge Temp. 130
Lub. Oil   46# Refri. Oil
Power Consumption kW 9
Power Source   3Φ 380V 50 Hz
Vacuum Pump Pumping Speed L/S 16(60m³/h)
Ultimate Vacuum Pa ≤6×10-2
Lub. Oil   PRO-100 Vacuum pump Oil
Power Consumption kW 2.2
  Power Source   3Φ 380V 50 Hz
Nominal Refrigerating Capacity kcal/h 3200
Refrigerant   R22
Max. Capacity of Refrigerant kg 2.0
Lub. Oil   46# Refri. Oil
Power Consumption kW 2.6
Power Source   3Φ 380V 50 Hz
Tank Classification  
Designed Pressure MPa 3.9
Designed Temperature 50
Volume L 300
Stored Liquied Quantity kg 300
liquefy Volume L 50
liquefy Liquied Quantity kg 50

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