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RDGC-8A Circuit Breaker Tester

RDGC-8A Circuit Breaker Tester



Product introduction

  Product Introduction

  RDGC-8A Circuit Breaker Tester is applicable to measurement and analysis related to mechanical properties and operation voltage of all voltage classes and various types of circuit breaker. It has the capabilities of matching itself according to different content and methods on the test of all types of circuit breaker analyzer. It can flexibly choose the transmission point or sensor which is moving synchronously with the moving contact. The installation can be finished in minutes without any aid of tools.


  •    Suitable for all kinds of metal-contact SF6 switchgear, GIS composite apparatus, vacuum switchgear and oil switchgear
  •    Liner travel sensor, rotation sensor, easy to install and convenient
  •    The main machine can store multiple groups of results of on-site switch on and off; built-in clock, convenient for preserving testing date and time
  •    Built-in quick micro-printer, print all data and graphs
  •    Big screen, direct penetration, background light LCD, contrast electronic regulation, one motion of the switch can display all data and wave graph
  •    Equipped with software connected to PC, testing result can be saved directly into hardware, as well as outputted to all types of printers to print the result, which makes on-site testing computerized.
  •    Strong data-analyzing ability, can effectively analyze all parameters of the circuit breaker’s mechanical characteristics.
  •    Equipped with speed custom adding program, which enables uses to freely add all kinds of speed definition according to their needs


  1. Time measurement:

  6 contacts, inner-phase, phase-to-phase opening (closing) switching time, bounces time and frequency

  Testing range: 0.01ms~10000ms. resolution: 1%±(1% read+2digits)

  2. Velocity measurement :

  Instant opening (instant closing) velocity

  Appointed time slot (stroke segment or angle segment) average velocity

  1. Measurement range:

  1mm sensor 0.01~25.00m/s,

  0.1mm sensor 0.001~2.50m/s

  0.5 degree angle sensor:0.01~25.00ms/s

  Universal sensor: 0.01~25.00ms/s

  4. Stroke measurement: moving contact stroke, contact stroke (opening), overshoot stroke or retrace (over travel)

  liner sensor :50mm, resolution: 0.1mm, stroke 0.1~50mm

  liner sensor :300mm, resolution: 0.1mm, stroke 10~300mm

  liner sensor :500mm, resolution: 1mm, stroke 10~500mm

  360 wire sensor : 360 degree,resolution:0.5 degree, stroke: 1mm~1000mm

  5. Current: 0~15A

  6. Instrument power supply : AC 220V ± 10%;50Hz ± 2%

  7. DC power supply: voltage output: 30~245V continuous adjustment, current output: ≤ 15A(short time )

  8. Mainframe volume: 380×280×140mm

  9. Operation environment: -10~+50 centigrade, relative humidity: ≤90%

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