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RDCFJ-II Intelligent battery charging and discharging teste

RDCFJ-II Intelligent battery charging and discharging teste



Product introduction

  Product Description

  The product has battery constant current discharge, cell monitoring and intelligent battery charge multifunction.

  One unit multi-uses, can reduce the enterprise cost, reduce the maintenance staff labor intensity

  Provide comprehensive scientific testing means for batteries and UPS power supply maintenance

  Widely used in telecommunication, base station and electricity and other department.

  According to need, do deep discharge , then charging , Keep the battery pack good state and prolong battery life, which is the best assistant for battery maintenance.

  Main Functions

  1. When do constant current discharge, intelligent charging and real-time monitoring for cell battery parameters.

  can setup voltage, current, time, capacity and so on parameters, automatically finish battery testing, monitoring, activation of various parameters, online or offline testing battery pack voltage, single battery voltage.

  2. Constant current discharge and constant power discharge

  3. Can view real-time monomer battery bar chart, testing complete can directly see the monomer curve and compared with the reference curve graph.

  4. During testing, if suddenly power-off or long time no use, memory data cannot be lost.

  5. can save 10 groups charging, 10 groups discharge and 10 groups online monitoring testing data. End user can check, delete and SD card export operation

  6. memory function when Power supply is off

  7. PC data management software function is powerful, supply data management, print, analysis, statistics report, automatic generation of test reports.

  Main Features:

  1. Portable, small volume, can move, double handle design, quick connect, easy operation

  2. 7 inches color touch LCD

  3. Humanized operation interface, the process is clear. have reminder for each step.

  4. Connection design in the front, cooling fan in the back.

  5. Warning: When the test line connect is reverse polarity, discharge current more or less setup value voltage is more or less setup value, temperature is abnormal. the instrument will automatically warning and stop work.

  6. Display and Print: can display and print setup discharge voltage, discharge current, discharge time, discharge capacity and other real time dynamic testing parameters


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