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    Product Introduction
    V Insulation Resistance Tester

 With the rapid development of China's power industry, electrical equipment preventive experiment is an important part in protecting the safety operation of power system and maintenance. Insulation diagnosis is an important method to detect insulation defects or failure. Pointer insulation resistance tester is the special instrument to measure insulation resistance. JJG662-89 "insulation resistance meter (megger)" approved in May 1990 requires that insulation resistance meter is one of compulsory verification instruments. Nowadays the development trend of electrical equipment (such as transformers, generators, etc.) is that high capacity, high voltage, diversified structure and better seal. So insulation resistance meter (pointer) itself must have the characteristics such as large capacity, strong anti-interference ability, diversified measurement indexes, accurate measurement results, easy and fast measurement process, easy to carry and so on. The instrument produced by our company is equipped with ultra-thin taut suspension meter. It is an ideal tester to measure insulation resistance of these equipments such as transformer, instrument transformer, generator, HV motor, power capacitors, power cables, arrester, etc.


 1、The instrument is used to do insulation test: when the voltage is 5000V, the maximum tested value will up to 200GΩ; when the voltage is 10000V, the value will up to 400GΩ.

 2、When output voltage is 5000V, the load resistance can be as low as 40MΩ; when output voltage is 10000V, the load resistance can be as low as 80MΩ, which makes the instrument                 can accurately measure lower insulation resistance.

    3、 Automatic conversion range, dual-scale display, and LED display corresponding color, it is easy to read.

    4、 Equipped with ABS plastic casing using, the instrument has strong anti-interference. Portable design, compact structure, and attractive appearance.

    5、The application of ultra-thin taut suspension meter to the instrument makes it have strong shock resistance capability.

    6、 AC/DC dual-use, built-in rechargeable battery and smart charging module, the whole output power is high (C type).

    7、 It is an ideal insulation resistance tester to measure these equipments such as transformer, instrument transformer, generator, high voltage motor, power capacitor, power cable,                      arrester, etc.


Output voltage 5000V DC
Accuracy Temperature 23°C±5°C
Insulation resistance 10MΩ~200GΩ   ±5%
Output voltage 40MΩ~200GΩ 0~+10%
HV short-circuit current ≥1mA
Power supply 8 AA batteries(8 AA rechargeable batteries, external charger)
Work environment Temperature: -10°C~40°C
Relative humidity: ≤85 %
Storage environment Temperature: -20°C~60°C
Relative humidity: ≤90 %
Insulation performance When the voltage between circuit and shell body is 1000V DC, the maximum resistance is 2000MΩ.
Withstand voltage properties When the voltage between circuit and shell body is 2500V DC, withstand voltage time is 1 minute.
Dimension 230×190×90mm  (L×W×H)
Weight 2kg
Accessory A set test line, the instrument manual, certificate, charge adapter

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